We work with our clients in all facets of audio and video storytelling, from podcasts to documentaries.

We can draft, edit and finalize scripts, complete storyboards, revise and reformat existing copy for audio and video formats, conduct market research, evaluate, assess and refine works in progress, develop advertising strategies, broker funding partnerships, recruit on-air and on-camera talent, location scout, negotiate licensing and other rights, and a host of related services.


College Admissions Decoded

Created by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, every episode insiders from the world of admissions break down the facts, myths, and rules of engagement for today's college landscape.


Finding 46

Finding 46 talks to reporters, former staffers, campaign managers, political operatives and others in the know to figure out who will be the the most viable Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. Our team offered pre-launch editorial consulting.


The Double Shift

Launching in early 2019, The Double Shift podcast reports on the complicated lives of working mothers. By looking at the ``social forces and history that have shaped modern motherhood,`` the show ``celebrates those who are challenging the status quo.`` Our team was part of the initial development of the show concept, episode structure, thematic scope, and host subject scouting.


The Phi Beta Kappa Society

We produce the forthcoming podcast from The Phi Beta Kappa Society's Visiting Scholars Program, featuring leading scholars across multiple disciples in conversation with Fred Lawrence, PBK's CEO.


Out There

We guided the producers of Out There podcast in an evaluation of their content, production and planning, and submissions process to assess how well they were meeting their goal of being more inclusive of a multiplicity of perspectives. “When I started Out There, I wanted the show to be inclusive. It’s a podcast that uses stories about the outdoors to explore life’s big questions, but I did not want it to appeal only to hardcore outdoorsy types who look like they came out of a Patagonia catalogue,” host Willow Belden said. “But despite the best of intentions, we’ve become a show that’s largely about middle class, straight white people.” In the resulting episode, she and her business partner, Alex Eggerking, set a new course for the podcast. “Our goal is to be very up front about our failure, and share our hopes for improving in the new year.”


Truth Be Told from KQED

We consulted with one of the country's leading public radio stations to relaunch Truth Be Told, one of its beloved radio shows, as a podcast. Working closely with host Tonya Mosley and her production team, we crafted episode themes and structures, identified and secured guests for a pilot episode, defined a development and roll-out strategy, wrote scripted elements, conducted pre-interviews and compiled host prep materials, as well as participated in all elements of pre and post production for the pilot. We also prepared marketing materials, including mocking up logo options for the show. ``Thank you so much for helping me in the early stages, your insights and direction helped set us on the right trajectory. THANK YOU!


Democracy In Color

We produced the third season of the Democracy in Color podcast, which elevates the national conversation about a post-Trump electorate, the ascension of voters of color, and the surge in political leaders of all stripes. The strategists, thinkers, candidates and power players we featured are Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, gubernatorial candidates Andrew Gillum (FL), and Kevin de Leon (CA).



We provided editorial and production consultation for season three of Offshore Podcast: The Blood Calls by Civil Beat in Honolulu.The latest installment of this enthralling long-form narrative audio series focuses on the Marshall Islands and how the U.S. irreversibly changed that nation's destiny after testing nuclear weapons on their land. It won an 2018 EPPY Award from Editor & Publisher magazine for ``Best Podcast`` (under one million downloads).


Latino USA

We edit radio stories We edit radio stories for Latino USA, the Peabody Award-winning longest-running program and podcast centered on the 55 million Americans of Latino descent.

“Witnessing Venezuela from Afar”

“The Rise and Fall of a Latin King”

“The Ballad of Cherán”